Our History

Ruebel hotel grafton illinoisGrafton was founded in 1832 by a man named James Mason. Grafton is the oldest city in Jersey County. The area was being settled as early as 1812. The population reached 10,000 people in the 1850’s.

Grafton, Illinois boasts a handful of ghost stories, the most famous haunted site is the Ruebel Hotel. The hotel was built by Michael Ruebel in 1879 where it became the largest commercial hotel in Jersey County. It had 32 rooms with a bath house in the back and mainly played host to river travelers. Room rates at that time were $1.00 per day.

The hotel thrived until it caught fire in 1912. As stories have been told the ghosts of the Ruebel Hotel remain. Many guests have spoken and seen a little girl ghost named, “Abigail”. Her presence is still known and felt to this very day. Pictures that have been taken by several guests show orbs in many different places of the hotel recently.

While the new owners were relocating, they lived in the apartment suite located on the lower level of the hotel. In the winter months, with no guests staying at the hotel, they quickly learned that she loves to create smells, move small items, and run during very early morning hours — especially up and down stairwells.